Accountant Trainee Job Responsibilities

A person who is appointed by the accounts department of a company to work as a trainee in the department is known as an accountant trainee. Any accountant trainee must be an expert of accounts and mathematics and must be ready to deal with complex accountancy problems and the solutions to the same. There are many different job responsibilities of an accountant trainee. A few of them are mentioned in the following lines.

Accountant Trainee Job Responsibilities:

  • An accountant trainee is responsible for reporting to the practice manager of the accounts department and work as per his orders and directions.
  • The training period for an accountant might be one which may require him/her complete the given accounts records and check them for possible errors.
  • An accountant trainee is responsible for tax computations, book keeping and also the processing of the invoices.
  • An accountant trainee may be required to meet deadlines and complete the given work on time taking care of rechecking and error elimination as well.
  • An accountant trainee might also be required to prepare accounts sheet for the company on a regular basis.
  • This job profile involves many clerical responsibilities and an accountant trainee may also be required to handle paperwork other than accountancy.
  • An accountant trainee is also responsible for handling balance sheet reconciliation and some payroll work as well.
  • He/she is responsible for managing the position of the general ledger as well apart from works such as purchase and sales ledger.

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