Accounting Technician Job Responsibilities

Accounting Technician Responsibilities

The responsibility of an accounting technician is to supervise and handle all the financial accounts of an organization. The accounting technician has to manage the internal audits, monitor and track all the financial transactions of the firm.

The role of an accounting technician is multi featured. The accounting technician concentrates on functions like data entry and creating financial statements.

Accounting technician Job Responsibilities


–          Prepare and handle all the accounts of the firm.

–          Create and manage financial statements.

–          Monitor and keep track of all the financial transactions of the company.

–          Perform all the data entry jobs as well as other paper works of the firm.

–          Receive the invoices and manage the payments for office supplies, equipments and handle the food service.

–          Manage the purchase orders and other bills of the firm.

–          Perform the reception duties.

–          Maintain the tax reports of the firm.

–          Focus on all the daily functions and activities of the firm.

–          Manage the payroll of the staff.

–          Perform auditing duties for all the internal and external affairs of the firm.

–          Control the budget of the firm.

–          Manage the administration duties of the firm and organize the records.

–          Keep track of the expenses of the company and the staff

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