Accounts Payable Clerk Job Responsibilities

Accounts Payable Clerk Responsibilities

Accounts payable clerks are the ones responsible in all transactions pertaining to release of payments to other companies or entities.  The main purpose of their task is to ensure that all payables are managed efficiently and effectively that is necessary to the needs of any business entity for better monitoring as well.

Accounts Payable Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Process and monitor payments and company expenditures.
  • Prepare and monitor the payroll system.
  • Ensure that payments are done accurately and up-to-date
  • Provide financial, administrative and clerical services.
  • Ensure accuracy in the daily processing of accounts payable transactions.
  • Receive the right invoices and request for goods and for its services, and file invoices as well.
  • Do recording for itemize invoices that are needed for payment.
  • Properly preparation of needed reports for all payables.
  • Proper managing of the use of cheques as payments.
  • Proper maintenance of records of cheques released for payments.
  • Prepare the necessary cheques for payment to their suppliers.
  • Maintain the use of general ledger for better recording and reporting.
  • Prepare financial reports for submission to the head accountant.

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