Aerospace Engineer Job Responsibilities

Aerospace Engineer Responsibilities

Aerospace Engineers are involved in designing, developing and testing of space craft, aircraft and missiles. They are responsible for supervising the production of these aerospace products.

They create complex machines; toil with technology relating to defense systems, space exploration and aviation. They find out technical solutions with the help of scientific theory in the area of aircraft. They design & create machines which are complex.


Aerospace Engineer Job Responsibilities


  • Formulating a theoretical design of aerospace /aeronautical products/systems that can meet the requirements of the customer.
  • Directing and coordinating activities of engineering, designing, modifying, fabricating, and testing of various aerospace products /aircraft.
  • Planning and conducting operational, experimental and environmental tests on prototypes and models of aerospace and aircraft equipments and systems.
  • Writing technical reports & other documentations like bulletins and handbooks that can be used by management, engineering staff and customers.
  • Directing Research & Development programs.
  • Evaluate and agree for the choice of vendors by studying their past performance and fresh advertisements.
  • Reviewing performance reports & documentation from field engineers and customers and scrutinize damaged products or malfunctioning to detect the problem.
  • Planning and coordinating activities related with examining and solving the reports of the customer regarding the technical problems with aerospace or aircraft vehicles.
  • Maintaining proper performance reports.

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