Agriculture Assistant Job Responsibilities

Agriculture Assistant Responsibilities

Main responsibility of agriculture assistant is to support the work of senior. He is responsible for providing great assistance to test, implement amazing ideas and techniques which can help in improving production rate of particular field area. His responsibility is to teach formers by giving best skills or tips of handling problems and issues.

Agriculture Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • His responsibility is to make aware to farmers with the available services and equipments.
  • He is responsible for coordinating and instructing crew members to develop the farms in rural area and highlight the problems, to diminish them.
  • The responsibility of agriculture assistant is to provide educational training to his team members.
  • He is responsible for providing modern technique to plough field in easy way and motivate former to leave traditional way to work in farms.
  • He is responsible for motivating farmers to use high productive seeds, and protective insecticides, and available modern fertilizers.
  • Agriculture assistant is responsible for promoting farmers to improve quality of fields.
  • He is responsible for providing the maximum healthy crops, which is beneficial for government also.
  • He is responsible for giving knowledge about different beneficial loans, policies and plans for agriculture provided by government.

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