Aircraft Pilot Job Responsibilities

An aircraft pilot is a person who is hired by a private, public or governmental agency to fly an aircraft. Any aircraft pilot is a skilled individual who has cleared the necessary educational qualification and has an interest in aviation. There is more to the job of an aircraft pilot than just riding the aircraft. Aircraft pilots have to be committed to the job and must have the right amount of intelligence to handle tricky or emergency situations while flying an aircraft. The following are the responsibilities of an aircraft pilot.

Aircraft Pilot Responsibilities:

  • An aircraft pilot is responsible for navigating an aircraft for the transport of passengers, freight or mail from one place to another.
  • Responsible for the safety of the passengers, freight or mail that is being carried in the aircraft and also responsible for the safety of the crew members and aircraft as well.
  • Responsible for supervising the pre flight tasks such as check of loads, fuel level, food supplies etc…
  • Responsible for contacting with the support staff to get information about the weather conditions, possible threats to the flight etc…
  • Responsible for the paper work of the flight, making flight plan etc…
  • Responsible for supervising the activities of the flight deck crew etc…
  • Responsible for taking regular training programs to learn to fly new and improved aircrafts and planes whenever necessary or required.
  • Responsible for reporting to the ground staff about the status of the flight which just landed or reached its destination.

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