Anaesthesiologist Job Responsibilities

An anaesthesiologist is a physician who is trained to manage and administer anaesthesia which is given to patients during a surgical procedure or process. These physicians are also trained to manage many other important functions such as monitoring heart rate, breathing as well as blood pressure etc. An anaesthesiologist is employed at hospitals, medical centres, medical camps and other clinics and forms an important part of the staff of these institutions. They have to carry out many other responsibilities as well. The following are some of the main anaesthesiologist job responsibilities:

Anaesthesiologist Job Responsibilities

  • The main job responsibility of an anaesthesiologist is to provide medical care to those in need. The rest of the job responsibilities revolve around the same fact.
  • It is the job responsibility of an anaesthesiologist to administer the anaesthesia to a medical patient and to form a part of the surgical team.
  • Another responsibility of an anaesthesiologist is to assess the patient’s medical records and reports to decide the readiness of the patient as far as a particular surgical procedure is concerned.
  • He/she must administer the medical tests which have to be performed before the surgery and assess the need for any additional tests etc.
  • It is the responsibility of an anaesthesiologist to provide pain control to the patient.
  • Infact an anaesthesiologist’s role doesn’t end with the end of the surgical procedure because he/she must provide continual medical care to the patient to ensure that he/she fully recovers and the surgery etc is completely successful.
  • An anaesthesiologist is also responsible for controlling the level of consciousness to make conditions suitable for a successful surgery.
  • Another important job responsibility of a person working as an anaesthesiologist is to maintain the fluid balance of the patient and the body temperature as well.

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