Architectural Technician Job Responsibilities

Architectural Technician Responsibilities

Architectural technician is responsible for developing construction designs and facilities. He is responsible to coordinate with other team members of building construction. He is also responsible for giving useful advice to reuse and repair the material of building. Architectural Technician is responsible for converting his brilliant ideas into well designed building.


Architectural Technician Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for arranging a meeting with clients to discuss the budget and requirements of projects.
  • Architectural technician is responsible for developing presentation on various designs with the help of modern designing technique, CAD.
  • He is responsible for analyzing all surveys before deciding the design of building and get ensured about the desired result has been fed in the completed project.
  • He is responsible for following each step of legal approval of building. He also responsible for taking permission of all authorities of building like enquiries and building inspectors.
  • He is also responsible for creating legal documentation in which he get assured about the approval from all authorities of building.
  • He is also responsible for giving suggestions to clients to access best deal of building.
  • As the construction work is over he is responsible for accessing feedback from the clients and inform to the contractors of building.


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