Artisan Job Responsibilities

Artisan Responsibilities

An Artisan is normally engaged in crafting the wonderful objects including the furniture, perfume, toys, clothing, bath and body products, jewellery, accessories, shoes, bread, wine, cheese, and much more.

An artisan is a skilled manual worker and often engages in making items that may be functional or very decorative, and used for various purposes like clothing, jewellery, household items, and tools.

Artisan Job Responsibilities


–          Engages in manufacturing the products with hands and especially with various hand tools.

–          Crafting a handmade pottery and creating a wide variety of wares from functional to purely decorative.

–          Engages in designing and making the gold jewelleries, which is often recognized for its uniqueness, variety and beauty.

–          Deals with various types of jobs including the pottery making, baking and locksmith.

–          A locksmith generally deals mainly with the residential lock system installation and the remaking of keys for individuals.

–          Their job also involves in setting up of an elaborate key card entry system for a corporate or for a building.

–          Responsible for making hand made goods, which can be easily used.

– Crafting and designing the earthen materials and equipments for the general public.

–          Involves in crafting local handmade jewelleries, potteries, quilt and so on.

–          Engages in traditional work including stone, wood, ceramics, glass and precious metals.

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