Assistant Professor Job Responsibilities

Assistant Professor Responsibilities

Assistant Professors are freshly appointed tenure track staffs at universities and colleges who are responsible to educate students, publish their individual academic effort in scholarly papers or journals, electronic media and books.

They spend less time conducting personal research than tenured professors. But still they are able to perform experiments, collect and analyze data, and examine works of literature and other source material for their own projects.


Assistant Professor Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute inventive instructional methods.
  • Build up professional logistics which helps in improvising the performances of the student.
  • Guide, direct and mentor research scholars in their research projects.
  • Assess, supervise and mentor the academic progress in students.
  • Create, innovate and implement some activities and programs that help in career-enhancement.
  • Manage and support all the teaching assistants.
  • Take part in all activities of the department and college.
  • Support and serve up for various functional activities conducted by departmental committees.
  • Review, assess and evaluate the activities and progress of students.
  • Lend a hand, support and aid the superior professors in their everyday functions and tasks.
  • Publish their research works or findings in academic books or journals.
  • Grade papers and tests; prepare exercises, lessons and lab experiments for the students.
  • Teach graduate as well as the undergraduate students within their field of expertise.

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