Athletes Job Responsibilities

Athletes Responsibilities

Athletes give justice to a game. They are responsible, physically fit, and well-groomed and possess the right attitude and conduct especially while playing in order to win.  They practice sportsmanship and serve as role models to their audience most of whom also aspire to be athletes someday. They also see to it that their games become more enjoyable and interesting to watch and engage in.

Athletes Job Responsibilities

  • Promptly attend practice sessions, games and scheduled activities at all times.
  • Strictly follow all the rules and regulations of coaches and trainers.
  • Maintain good study habits in all academic performances.
  • Respectful to authorities such as program director, coaches, and sports officials.
  • Respectful to the feelings of peers and their personal belongings.
  • Properly use and care for equipment and other gadgets while on training.
  • Maintain a better kind of fitness that is necessary through proper training at all times and as needed.
  • Possess a high degree of sportsmanship, honor, and always being fair in any games to play.
  • Possess the right attitude and use the correct language when communicating with coaches, staff and peers as well.

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