Bakery Clerk Job Responsibilities

A bakery clerk is an individual who is employed at a bakery to handle all the clerical duties and tasks.  Sometimes, bakery clerks are also employed in the bakery department of restaurants or hotels and perform a number of duties depending upon the exact work profile. He/she is hired on the basis of his/her skills, qualifications and experience.  There are many job duties and responsibilities which a person at this post has to perform and some of the major bakery clerk job responsibilities are given below:

Bakery clerk job responsibilities:

  • A bakery clerk is responsible for maintaining the day to day paperwork of the bakery and handling the clerical duties such as noting down orders, passing them onto the baking team, receiving orders online or on the phone etc.
  • Another major job responsibility of a bakery clerk is to price the bakery items and make bills of the orders that the customers have placed.
  • Collecting payments and handing over the balance is also a responsibility of a bakery clerk.
  • One of the main responsibilities of a bakery clerk is to maintain records of sales, maintain records of customers etc.
  • It is the responsibility of a bakery clerk to maintain a database or inventory of items.
  • Designing pamphlets and advertisements for marketing purpose also forms the part of the job of a bakery clerk.
  • Any person who is employed as a bakery clerk must also order raw materials and items which are required for the working of the bakery such as flour, sugar, ovens and similar materials etc.
  • A bakery clerk is also responsible for looking into customer complaints and try to resolve these complaints in the best possible manner.
  • Looking after the accounts and finance is also the responsibility of a bakery clerk.

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