Bank Cashier Job Responsibilities

Bank Cashier Responsibilities

Their main responsibility is to maintain and record everyday transactions for the client. These transactions include accepting deposits, money transfers, processing loans, deposit withdrawals, etc.

Along with this they must advise and promote the services and the products offered by the bank. They need to be quite responsible and friendly to make bank dealings, etc. Their mathematical abilities too need to be good.

Bank Cashier Job Responsibilities

–  They need to perform cash withdrawal processing.

–  Accept cheques and cash for deposits and also check for accuracy of the deposit slip.

–  encourage opening new accounts.

–  Help people out with their problems regarding costumer’s accounts.

–  Advice, explains or promotes the services and products offered by the bank.

–  Identify customers and help making cash checks.

–  Balance the cheques, cash and currencies in the money drawer by the end of each shift.

–  Record and maintain all transactions completely and correctly to match the bank procedures.

–  Reply to all the inquiries made about savings account and checking procedures.

–  Provide services like ordering checks or cards for the customers.

–  Receiving and verifying loan payments, utility bill payments and mortgage payments.

–  Performing specialized jobs like cashier’s check preparation, traveler’s check issuing, exchange of foreign currency and personal money-orders.

–  They need to be good with their PR skills as lot of interaction is involved.

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