Bartender Job Responsibilities

Bartender Job Responsibilities are a combination of numerous tasks like serving the drinks, collecting the money for the drinks, planning new drink recipes and presenting all this with innovation and creativity. Bartender profile demands quick service with a cool mind. The job also demands managing the customers and offer them the drinks of good qualities. Customer satisfaction is the prime importance for this profile. This role demands to work usually in the night and in shifts and thus the person seeking this profile should be flexible with work timings. Various major bartender job responsibilities are mentioned below:

Bartender Job Responsibilities

  • Bartenders serve the drinks to the customers in the bar and manage many other tasks at the drink counter.
  • They also collect the money for the drinks and return balance money with the receipt to the customers.
  • The entire bar equipments, work area and tables are cleaned and kept neatly in the bar by the bartenders.
  • Bartender also has the responsibility to check the age of the customer and request for age proof when there is a doubt about the customer being a minor.
  • Keep the stock of beverages and alcohol filled at all times at the bar is also a responsibility fulfilled by the bartender.
  • Taking the responsibility of stopping the customers from over drinking and helping them take taxis etc is also fulfilled by a bartender.
  • They also take the beverages order from the serving staff and from patrons as well.
  • They coordinate and arrange the mixing of beverages and creation of the drinks according to the order from the customers.
  • Bartenders also serve snacks and other food items to the customers.
  • Garnishing the drinks with fruit slices is also the responsibility of the bar tenders.
  • A bartender also needs to keep a check on the available stock in the bar.

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