Billing Clerk Job Responsibilities

Billing Clerk Job Responsibilities begin with the creation of invoices and credit memos. This role is all about issuing the bills to the customer along with updating the customer files about the payment of the bills. The person responsible for this profile must perform all his tasks with accuracy and attentiveness. In restaurants and stores the billing clerks are suppose to collect the payment and give the bills as soon as the goods are purchased.

But in other settings like warehouse, medical insurance or wholesale stores, bills are issued later once the entire payment process is being completed.  If the bill has to be paid later, then the billing clerks generate the invoice for the customers.

Billing Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Billing clerks are responsible for generating the bills and invoices for the customers.
  • They manage and maintain all the bill records along with cash management.
  • They have to keep the accurate data about all the bills and the payments received from the customers.
  • Billing clerks also issue monthly statements to the customers along with sending the soft copies of the bills to the customers.
  • Customer’s files are updated by the billing clerks and they have to ensure that the customer files must match with the invoice issued to them.
  • All the contact information of the customer is updated in the master file by the billing clerks, just to ensure that the entire customer data is available in the updated form.
  • Work order systems or purchase systems are used in some organisation to generate the bill invoice.
  • The billing clerk has to ensure that customer order and received goods must match with the invoice.
  • All the exceptions between the invoice register and shipping logs are maintained by the billing clerks.
  • They also submit the customer invoice with the help of electronic data interchange.

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