Boilermaker Job Responsibilities

A boilermaker is a professional who makes and installs large boilers or containers to store the liquids or gases. These professionals are connected to the chemical industry and are required to complete a formal apprenticeship study program to become a professional in this field. These candidates work for oil refineries, natural resources based companies and construction organizations.

Boilermaker Job Responsibilities:

  • Boilermaker Job responsibilities include casting and bending metal pieces to make boilers.
  • Boilermaker Job responsibilities also include installing the large boilers at the construction sites, industries or raw material stores of the organizations.
  • These professionals are also required to study and thoroughly understand the blueprint of the boilers to be made and work according to the client’s requirements.
  • Boilermaker Job responsibilities also include upgrading the already installed boilers to enhance their efficiency or to meet the updated requirements if the clients.
  • These candidates are also responsible for welding the boiler’s material to give it desired shape by using the welding tools and devices.
  • Boilermaker Job responsibilities also include installing the heat resistant materials in the fireboxes like refractory bricks, in the pressure vessels.
  • These professionals are also required to fabricate and shape stacks, uptakes etc. to make them fit appropriately in the heat exchangers, pressure vessels etc.
  • These candidates are also required to operate the heavy-metal machines like drill presses, rolls and brakes etc.
  • The boilermakers are also responsible for cleaning the pressure vessel equipment by using cleaning tools like solvents meant for cleaning, wire brushes and cleaning scrapers.

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