Broker Trainee Job Responsibilities

A broker is a professional or individual who mediates between a seller and a buyer and helps them move forward with the transaction. The broker gets a commission for this task which he/ she performs. A stock broker in particular refers to those involved in buying and selling of shares and other securities in the financial markets, on behalf of the investors.

Broker Trainee Job Responsibilities

  • The trainee brokers is required to follow his/ her mentor i.e. the individual who is a more experienced superior and is guiding the trainee.
  • The trainee is responsible for performing all the various tasks that are assigned to him/ her by their mentor.
  • The trainee is responsible to keep his/ her mentor updated about the status of the task assigned in the process of completion of the task.
  • The trainee is also responsible for informing his/ her mentor on the completion of each and every task assigned to him/ her by their mentor.
  • The trainee is responsible for meeting and respecting all the deadlines that have been assigned to him by any of his/ her superiors.
  • The trainee broker is responsible for following the rules and regulations of the office space so as to maintain the decorum.
  • The trainee is responsible for helping his/ her mentor or any other superior in making sound investments on part of the investors/ clients.
  • The trainee is responsible for preparing and submitting a comprehensive report which summarizes his/ her learning experience of training.

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