Budget Analyst Job Responsibilities

Budget analyst job responsibilities include helping public as well as private institutions to look after their finances. They analyse the estimated budget for accuracy and make sure that it is in accordance with the rules and regulations. A budget analyst is also responsible for analysing the budget and seeking out new ways which help improve efficiency and boost profits.

Budget Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Budget Analysts review the financial proposals submitted at the beginning of each budget cycle by managers to make sure they are in accordance with established regulations. These proposals provide an outline for the organization’s goals and programs and provide an estimation of the financial necessities for such programs. They also suggest funding schemes to help meet those ends.
  • After the review process, budget analysts merge the individual budgets for each department into capital budget summaries. The summaries may argue for or against further funding requests.
  • They help other top managers or heads of agencies to go over the proposed plan and if the projected results are found to be unsatisfactory, then they can suggest alternatives.
  • Budget Analysts regularly monitor the budget using accounting records and going over reports to make sure that allocated funds are spent as required. If there are deviations, a budget analyst should write a report which explains the variations and recommends revised methods.
  • If there is a shortage of funding, a budget analyst can recommend budget cuts or reallocating surplus funds. They can also inform program managers regarding the funds available in different accounts.
  • They are to use various analysis tools like spreadsheets, databases to compile and review data and information pertaining to the various budgeting options.
  • The working schedule of a budget analyst may vary and they may sometimes be expected to put in additional hours during the budget initialisation, mid-year and final year reviews. The tense work schedule and deadlines can make it a stressful schedule to maintain.  

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