Building Services Engineer Job Responsibilities

Building services engineer job responsibilities typically include designing and installing new services and maintaining the existing services in a building. These professionals are responsible for designing, managing and developing new technologies that will integrate with the existing services. This job includes service maintenance associated with heating, air conditioning, water supply, sanitation, safety systems, lifts, escalators, fire protection and so on.

Building Services Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Developing and negotiating project contracts and discussing with clients in order to make the contracts get approval.
  • Assessment of the work of contractors and also organizing and commissioning the work.
  • Creating blueprints as required and working with detailed plans and drawings related to the services to be installed and maintained.
  • Using necessary computer aided design software and using them to design the systems required.
  • Estimating the budget for the project and managing and forecasting the expenditure to ensure the project completion at minimum cost.
  • Planning for and designing particular equipments as needed by the specific sites.
  • Supervising the installation of systems to be used in a building and specifying the procedure of operation and maintenance.
  • Deciding about the expired systems equipments and also finding out appropriate locations for new systems equipment.
  • Overall monitoring of the building systems and processes.
  • Liaising and communicating with other professionals like architect, builders, other project teams and surveyors.
  • Attending all the technical meetings associated with a project.
  • Ensuring that safety, health and legal standards are met with in the design and maintenance of the building systems services.
  • Advising on the energy use and its conservation in buildings and other sites so as to reduce carbon footprint and ensuring good environmental health.
  • Supervising the work progress and being in communication with manufacturers of building supplies to be up to date with the new products.
  • Checking and testing services accurately for their proper functioning and carrying out any improvement as required.

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