Category: Administration Job Responsibilities

Business coordinator job Responsibilities

A business coordinator is an employee who works as a bridge between many departments, employees and functions in a business organization and manages the flow of information between these different sources. To become a business coordinator, one must atleast have a bachelor’s degree in business or finance and should have good managerial and organizational skills. […]

Front Office Assistant Job Responsibilities

A front office assistant is an individual who is employed in a company to represent the company in front of visiting customers/clients and perform a varied number of other entry level duties. To become a front office assistant, one needs to have exceptional computer skills, familiarity of working with computers, operating phones, fax machines and […]

Front Office Supervisor Job Responsibilities

A front office supervisor is a person who is employed or hired by a company to manage and supervise the entire front office staff.  Depending upon the size of the company, the duties and nature of work of the front office supervisor may vary. For example, if employed in a large company, the share of […]

Front Office Agent Job Responsibilities

A front office agent is an individual who works on an office setting and reports to a front office supervisor. He/she is responsible for carrying out a number of job duties and tasks, depending upon the kind of company and the size of the company he/she is employed at. These individuals receive and greet guests […]

Purchasing Agent Job Responsibilities

A purchasing agent is an individual who carries out purchasing or buying duties for the company he/she is employed at. Purchasing agents are generally needed by manufacturing firms for purchasing of raw materials and for retail firms for purchasing of products to be sold further. Any individual with a knack of observing products, negotiating price, […]

Technical Support Agent job Responsibilities

A technical support agent is an individual who works in a company to provide the needed technical support and help.  A technical support agent may be employed in different kinds of work settings such as IT companies, business organizations, computer service providers etc. but their duties and tasks almost remain the same, i.e. to help […]

Data Entry Job Responsibilities

Data entry is the segment of the industries/ companies which involves some officials entering raw data or some words into a computer to build a data base system. Data entry has been credited to make the work easier by eliminating the need for paper work. But the task of entering the data is very critical […]

Front Desk Clerk Job Responsibilities

Front Desk Clerk Job Responsibilities entails numerous tasks like attending all the incoming phone calls, making appointments, handling all the reception customers and clients, greeting and handling the guests, managing customer queries and assisting them with their inquiries. This role also includes sorting out the mails and sending them to the respective employees and passing […]

Data Entry Clerk Job Responsibilities

Data Entry Clerk Job Responsibilities start with maintaining the database in the organisation. The data entry role is all about updating the data into the data base by entering relevant and latest information which could be about the customers or the accounts. This profile demands a minimum high school degree along with some certification or […]

Front Office Executive Job Responsibilities

A front office executive is the first point of contact at the office and is also an integral part of the administration team. They help to coordinate between the individuals visiting the office and the administrative team. They sometimes have to introduce the client to the higher management of the organization. It is necessary for […]