Category: Agriculture Job Responsibilities

Agriculture Job Responsibilities

Agriculture job responsibilities vary due to the fact that there are many careers available in the agricultural sector. The agricultural industry is divided into four categories which include agribusiness, agro science, agricultural inspection and animal breeding. Some of the careers in the agricultural sector include agricultural scientists, agricultural engineers and agricultural technicians. Other jobs include […]

Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

A farm manager is the person who is responsible for managing the activities in the entire farm and ensuring that all the jobs are completed efficiently within the stipulated deadlines. A farm manager manages the activities related with all aspects of planting crops and raising animals. He performs supervisory functions and is required to make […]

Irrigation Manager Job Responsibilities

An irrigation manager is the professional who is responsible for managing and supervising irrigation work. An irrigation manager’s job responsibilities are based only on monitoring and maintaining the irrigation work performed by irrigation technicians. These professionals are required to supervise and ensure that their assigned job area is fully irrigated and all the plants and […]

Irrigation Technician Job Responsibilities

The irrigation technician is the professional who is responsible for performing irrigation equipment installation and maintenance. Their job responsibilities include installation of water sprinkler in lawns, time to time watering of plants as per their requirement, fertilizing the plants and taking care of entire irrigational aspects of plants in the area, park, landscape project, play […]

Landscape Foreman Job Responsibilities

A landscape foreman can be defined as a professional who is responsible for managing, supervising and directing all the workers associated with landscape project and in grounds keeping tasks. Hence, the major role played by a landscape foreman is in managing, leading, supporting and motivating the workers to achieve the organizational goals and to ensure […]

Landscape Design Job Responsibilities

A landscape designer is the professional who is responsible for planning, designing and restoring the architectural pieces like building, roads, monuments etc.  The landscape designers work on designing the plan for architecture of the building and design the placement strategies for gardens, lawns that will surround the building. Landscape designers work in coordination with architects, […]

Marine Biologist Job Responsibilities

A marine biologist is the biological professional who is responsible for carrying out study and research on sea, study the forms of life under water, atmosphere and environment under water, its interaction with land and most importantly study pertaining to ocean and sea floor. Hence these professionals study about plants and animals in the sea, […]

Nursery Nurse Job Responsibilities

A nursery nurse is the professional who is responsible for providing care to children who are in the age group of 0-7 years.  These nurses help the kids to develop, learn and understand basic things.  These nurses take proper care of the children who are left in child nurseries and kids start learning new habits, […]

Zookeeper Job Responsibilities

The zookeepers are the professionals who are responsible for maintaining the zoo animals’ welfare, well-being and healthy & hygienic environment for the animals. The major tasks of zookeepers include taking care of food and water requirements of the animals, avoiding any discomfort to the animals, try to keep animals free from pain, injuries and diseases […]

Wildlife Biologist Job Responsibilities

A wildlife biologist is the professional who is responsible for researching on the genetic structures and life cycles of the animals. The major tasks performed by wildlife biologists include study of animal behavior in their habitat, study genetics of animals, carrying out research on effects of environmental changes on the animals etc. Some wildlife biologists […]