Category: Construction Job Responsibilities

Welding Inspector Job Responsibilities

A welding inspector is an individual who is responsible for overseeing all the activities and duties of the welding staff and ensuring that everything is in proper working manner. A welding inspector’s job is to make sure that the welders work within the set quality and deadline specifications. He is also required to have advanced […]

Drafter Job Responsibilities

Drafter job responsibilities, quite understandably, include those tasks that are specifically required to be performed by a drafter, such as planning an outline of a certain design or summarizing important and specific points of a particular documentation project. Drafters need to have an engineering sense as well as formal education in the respective field, apart […]

Electrician Job Responsibilities

Everywhere in the world and in each industry and work setting, the expertise and skills of an electrician are required for a host of purposes such as installation of electrical appliances and systems, repair of systems and maintenance and servicing of electrical and electronic items. The job of an electrician consists of tending to a […]

Electrical Foreman Job Responsibilities

An electrical foreman is an individual who is hired by a client to oversee the work and tasks of all the electricians, electrical fitters etc. An electrical foreman is a supervisor who ensures that all kinds of electrical and electronic related fittings and installations are done properly and that these appliances and equipments are well […]

Electrical Fitter Job Responsibilities

An electrical fitter is an electrical worker who is required to work in different work settings for the installation, repair, maintenance and servicing of electrical equipments and fittings. An electrical fitter is responsible mainly for ensuring the fact that all the electrical systems which have already been installed are well maintained and working in proper […]

Pipe Fitter Job Responsibilities

A pipe fitter is an individual who has the specialized knowledge and training of fitting of pipes in structures, walls and fixtures to give them strength and body. A pipe fitter uses various equipments such as tanks, radiators, brackets, clamps and welding machines to ensure that the pipes are fitted properly and are strong enough. […]

Roofer Job Responsibilities

A roofer is a person who is skilled and trained in covering the roofs of buildings and structures with materials like aluminum, slate, asphalt and shingles etc. he/she has expertise in preparing the roofs as per the demand and specifications of the clients and are also required to spray the roofs, walls and sidings with […]

Welding Foreman Job Responsibilities

A welding foreman is an individual who supervises the duties performed by various individuals involved in tasks related to welding etc. A welding foreman must himself be trained in welding, pipe installation, pipe insulation, pump maintenance, steam system repair and maintenance etc. a welding foreman has to primarily ensure that all these tasks are done […]

Construction Site Manager Job Responsibilities

To ensure the smooth working of a construction site, the presence of a construction site manager is vital and important. A construction site manager is an employee of a construction company who is responsible for overseeing the tasks and functioning of a construction site and ensuring that everything is carried out as per plan and […]

Construction Labourer Job Responsibilities

Every construction work or construction site needs labourers who carry out labour related tasks and duties. These employees of a construction project are known as construction labourers and are generally paid on per day basis. A construction labourer works at the construction work of highways, buildings, demolition sites, parks, reconstruction of monuments etc.  He/she has […]