Category: Entertainment Job Responsibilities

Production Artist Job Responsibilities

A Production artist must possess essential technical knowledge and also have a creative bent of mind. He/She is required to work in association with various members of the production team. Production artist has to use his/her technical skills to help the designers create dynamic, vibrant and sharp visuals which are capable of captivating the viewer’s eyes. […]

Private Music Teacher Job Responsibilities

A private music teacher provides vocal and instrumental training to interested students of all ages. This teaching takes place in a school, a college or a community-dependent setting. Teachers can be hired to teach music in a group or individually. Private music teacher job responsibilities primarily include imparting knowledge of music to their students. Private […]

Digital Media Planner Job Responsibilities

A digital media planner is a person who works in a media planning agency or company or in an advertising agency and helps the clients to design a campaign which has maximum impact on the consumers and customers. They work with a range of media and need to have extensive knowledge of media and communication […]

Audio Engineer Job Responsibilities

An audio engineer is a person who makes use of various types of equipments and machinery to mix, record, and synchronize music pieces, voices and sound effects. Audio engineers can find jobs in a number of industries such as music industry, movies, video game industry and even in theatre. Sometimes, audio engineers are also known […]

Copyist Job Responsibilities

A copyist is basically a person who makes copies. Copyist work in an array of different industries but generally refer to music copyist who are employed in the sound of music industry to make and produce copies from a music composer’s manuscripts etc. a copyist must be a knowledgeable music expert who must be well […]

Engraver Job Responsibilities

Engraving is referred to a practice or method of making an art or design on a hard surface by using sharp and pointed tools. Some hard surfaces which are generally engraved are glass, marble, silver, gold, steel etc. Engraved art is considered quite precious and thus engravers are valued all across the globe. An engraver […]

Lyricist Job Responsibilities

A lyricist is a person who writes, creates and modifies lyrics or words of a song, jingle, poem etc. A lyricist must be a creative person who can transform thoughts and feelings into words and put them together beautifully. A lyricist must make sure that the words he/she writes are not copied from anywhere and […]

Entertainment Job Responsibilities

Actors and actresses are part of the entertainment industry.  Actors and actresses usually bring out a character of fiction that is created by a director, to life through the use of different gestures, accent, dialogue and body language. They also carry out other entertainment job responsibilities. Entertainment job responsibilities include bringing forth characters in such […]

Film Production Assistant Job Responsibilities

Film production assistants are required to follow the instructions of producer, director and other staff at the film set. This is an entry level position and may require carrying out a number of tasks such as assisting the cameraman, make up artists, shuttle crew, etc. One does not require a specific degree in order to […]

Commercial Artist Job Responsibilities

Commercial Artists are employed by commercial or promotion firms. They work on creating art designs for commercials and promotional products. A commercial artist is hired by a company in order to convey information regarding the company’s product to the people. Most employers prefer candidates who have undergone some training in this field. Commercial Artist Job […]