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Fashion Job Responsibilities

A fashion director or coordinator works with the editors, models as well as photographers. He ensures that a well structured and systematic atmosphere is maintained at all times by ensuring that people work well together and that events run smoothly. Fashion job responsibilities are vast and they largely depend on the job title that the […]

Hair Stylists Job Responsibilities

Hair Stylists Responsibilities Hairstylists are vital to customers because of their training, skill, innovation and expertise in creating or maintaining a hairstyle. An effective hairstylist has the ability to create, develop and enhance their client’s personal appearance and features. Being a hairstylist isn’t just about working in beauty; hairstylists also interact face-to-face with customers, simultaneously providing […]

Beautician Job Responsibilities

Beautician Responsibilities There is a saying that perfect beauty can only be achieved through the services rendered by the beauticians because they have the guts to make it happen. Beauticians are the experts in enhancing one’s beauty. Beauticians will always be a great partner for all beauty madness that is needed by the many in […]

Textile Designer Job Responsibilities

Textile Designer Responsibilities Textile designers are responsible for enhancing the appearance of your home by developing interiors. He is responsible for arranging a meeting with client, marketing staff and technical staff to create designs of interior and fabrics. The main responsibility of textile designer is to take specification by client and offer same design as […]

Fashion Stylist Job Responsibilities

Fashion Stylist Responsibilities The main responsibility of fashion stylist is to develop innovative and creative ideas for enhancing the appearance of client to get successful photo session. He is responsible for selecting the attractive wardrobes which are used in photo shoot. He is responsible for developing a healthy communication among team members like photographers, lightening […]

Fashion Publicist Job Responsibilities

Fashion Publicist Responsibilities The main responsibility of fashion publicist is to maintain strong relation with retailers and merchandiser to make a special identity. He is responsible for providing good offer to attract the clients. He is responsible for analyzing the interest area of clients by meeting them and on that basis he publishes new fashion […]

Fashion Editor Job Responsibilities

Fashion Editor Responsibilities Primary responsibility of fashion editor is to supervise the creativity, performance, presentation and development of fashion content. He is responsible for publicity of fashion content in newspapers, magazines, journals, photo sessions, TV programs, websites and advertisements through film world. He is responsible for taking suggestion of senior editors for improvement creative quality […]

Fashion Consultant Job Responsibilities

Fashion Consultant Responsibilities Responsibilities of fashion consultant start from advising to the clients who really want to enhance their appearance as per the changes in fashion. Basically responsibilities of fashion consultant can be elaborated n two terms. A fashion consultant especially gives suggestion to enhance appearance of the wardrobe, hairstyle and outfits for an especial […]

Fashion Buyer Job Responsibilities

Fashion Buyer Responsibilities Main responsibility of fashion buyer is to purchase the fashionable clothes in bulk and put up for sale in retail outlet. He is responsible for managing all designs and categories of various products in their retail showroom. Fashion buyer is responsible for providing latest fashion to their customers. Fashion Buyer Job Responsibilities […]

Fashion Merchandiser Job Responsibilities

Fashion Merchandiser Responsibilities A Fashion Merchandiser has the responsibility to design and create visually attractive displays or exhibits of merchandise and to erect main store decorations in commercial retail establishments. They create the look, feel and mood of the store. They attract the attention of consumer and finally make them purchase the merchandise. They analyze […]