Category: Finance Job Responsibilities

Mortgage Loan Officer Job Responsibilities

A mortgage loan officer is an individual who works at a bank or another financial institute and is responsible for handling all the duties associated with providing mortgage loan to the clients. He/she tries to develop new schemes and offers to attract more customers and helps those who are applying for a mortgage loan. To […]

Mortgage Processor Job Responsibilities

Mortgage processor is an individual who makes sure that the processing and finalizing of all the loans received from the loan officer is done in an accurate way.  Any person who is working at this job position is responsible for many types of varied duties and responsibilities. This job is different from the job of […]

Mortgage Banker Job Responsibilities

Mortgage banker is a person who works as a loan officer with a bank and is an expert as far as mortgage products, schemes and knowledge is concerned. Any person who is working at the position of a mortgage banker assists the customers and clients of the bank to apply for mortgages and makes sure […]

Life Insurance Agent Job Responsibilities

A Life Insurance Agent is appointed by an insurance company to promote and sell their policies. Their duty is to convince the customer to buy their company’s insurance policy. They explain the customer all aspects of the policy that is the risk covered, the tax benefit, options of paying the premium, the assured maturity amount […]

Financial Auditor Job Responsibilities

A financial auditor is one who undertakes financial audit in an organization. The candidate is expected to exercise internal controls which effectively help the organization in protecting the vital financial elements and is part of financial auditor job responsibilities. The candidate should have good analytical and math skills apart from possessing good verbal communication skills […]

Finance Intern Job Responsibilities

Finance Intern job responsibilities include preparing financial statements, reviewing the financial transactions made by the company, accounting ledgers and handling various other financial tasks under the supervision of senior finance personnel. Internship is a part of most financial programs at bachelor’s or master’s level and it is essential for a finance student undergoing such programs […]

Finance Executive Job Responsibilities

Finance Executive job responsibilities include keeping a track of the financial transactions, preparing financial reports, reviewing financial statements, preparing accounting ledgers and performing various other financial tasks. In order to become finance executive one needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in finance or accountancy. One may not require any prior work experience in […]