Category: Health Care Job Responsibilities

Home Health Aide Job Responsibilities

Home health aide is employed when someone needs health care/ assistance or supportive care in the home. The candidates working at this post are generally the professionals who are licensed to provide such medical care needs. The basic purpose of such aide is to ensure that the activities of the daily living are met by/ […]

Clinical Nurse Leader Job Responsibilities

A clinical nurse leader is a registered nurse who also has a Master’s Degree in the field of Science of Nursing and these nurses are highly skilled and are focused on improving the quality of the services offered to the patients. The candidates working at this post completes coursework in advance nursing and other fields […]

Dental Hygienist Job Responsibilities

A dental hygienist is one who provides assistance to the dentist. Dental hygienist job responsibilities are numerous which includes updating dental information, providing details about dental procedures to the patients and helping patients by seating them comfortably on the dentist chair. A dental hygienist needs to obtain a degree from an accredited university apart from […]

Haematologist Job Responsibilities

Haematologist Job Responsibilities revolves around the testing of blood and its management. This job is a highly specialised career in which one will have to deal with all the diseases associated with blood and various blood tests are also performed by the haematologists. All the blood based irregularities are diagnosed and analysed by the haematologists […]

Diagnostic Radiographer Job Responsibilities

A diagnostic radiographer is a person who works in hospitals and with the help of technology such as x-ray and ultrasound examine patients. They acquire images using these technologies and interpret the images and help in diagnosing the illness affecting the patient. Their diagnosis is used towards providing treatment for the patients. The typical diagnostic […]

Physician Assistant Job Responsibilities

Physician Assistants are the ones who cater to the healthcare services under the supervision of specialized head physician. In some cases a physician assistant may perform total physicals checks, treat the patient and guide the patients. Physician assistant must have recognized degree from a renowned educational institute and must have passed a program for physician […]

Health Care Assistant Job Responsibilities

Healthcare assistant is the one who work efficiently within hospital or community settings as qualified healthcare professional. The role is greatly dependable on the place and area where the professional is employed. They often work in association with nurses and thus are sometimes known as auxiliary nurses. They are also seen to offer useful services […]

Radiation Therapist Job Responsibilities

A Radiation Therapist provides radiation therapy to the patients suffering from cancers. They give this service as per the prescription given by a radiologist as per the set practices and standards. Radiation Therapists must have knowledge of principles and processes for giving radiation therapy. Radiation therapist job responsibilities call for immense gravity and accuracy. Job […]

Healthcare Management Job Responsibilities

Healthcare Management professional is an individual who supervises the curriculum and ongoing activities in a healthcare unit and looks after its overall management. With proper medical and managerial knowledge, the person actively has to be involved in supervising people and organizations. A healthcare manager must have skills in health care administration and fields alike. Healthcare […]

Healthcare Administration Job Responsibilities

A healthcare administration job entails the major handling of the healthcare unit. The healthcare administration executive looks after the back office management of the institution and supervises the duties of other employees. Their work can be split up into two crucial parts: carrying out certain general tasks and manage the overall facility or be given […]