Category: Hospitality Job Responsibilities

Clinical Instructor Job Responsibilities

A clinical instructor prepares and executes teaching curriculum for all those who are doing a course in nursing or clinical nursing. A clinical instructor either works in a medical facility or at a medical college and is responsible for giving lectures, preparing lesson plans, conducting examinations and grading the students for their performance. To become […]

Food and Beverage Supervisor Job Responsibilities

A food and beverage supervisor is an individual who is hired by a food and beverage centric business such as a restaurant, hotel, resort etc to look at the daily operations of that entity. These individuals oversee various issues pertaining to the customer’s satisfaction and take care of the quality, management, safety and inventory etc. […]

Front Desk Supervisor Job Responsibilities

A front desk supervisor is an individual who is in charge of managing the staffs who assist hotel guests. They have to ensure that the check in and checkout operations of the guests are executed smoothly. It is also the duty of the front desk supervisor to ensure that the guests receive proper service and […]

Hospitality Job Responsibilities

The hospitality industry entails the hotel and catering business. Hospitality job responsibilities provide several challenges in terms of both hotel and food service management and professional cookery. This is because the hospitality industry is a dynamic industry. Most hotels offer the opportunity to serve people from different nationalities with different cultures. Various hospitality job responsibilities exist for […]

Front Desk Agent Job Responsibilities

Front Desk Agent Job Responsibilities include handling the customer queries and providing them assistance. It is essential to possess good communication skills in order to get into this position. Front Desk Agents are also required to dress up properly in formal attire as they are the first point of contact for the customers. Front Desk […]

Food Service Worker Job Responsibilities

Food Service Worker Job Responsibilities include preparing food in the restaurants, hotels, hospitals or other similar places. A person aspiring to get into this profession must have knowledge about various food items and beverages. It is recommended to undergo a relevant degree course in order to acquire this position. While most food service workers prepare […]

Food Server Job Responsibilities

Food Server Job Responsibilities involve taking the clients’ orders and providing them food and drinks. A food server must be dressed up properly and should possess good communication skills as he is required to deal directly with the clients. It is essential for a food server to have complete knowledge about the food and drinks […]

Room Attendant Job Responsibilities

Room Attendant Job Responsibilities include maintaining the rooms in the hotels, guest houses or other similar places. In addition to this they have various other job responsibilities. There is no specific educational qualification required for getting into this position however a person must be able to interact well with the clients. Room Attendant Job Responsibilities […]

Restaurant Hostess Job Responsibilities

Restaurant Hostess Job Responsibilities involve welcoming the guests arriving in the restaurant and attending to their needs. A restaurant hostess must be appropriately dressed and should look presentable. She must also possess good communication skills so as to deal with the clients. There is no specific degree required to get into this profession, however, a […]

Restaurant Assistant Job Responsibilities

Restaurant Assistant Job Responsibilities involve helping the restaurant manager in handling various tasks. He/She is required to supervise the junior restaurant staff members. In order to get into this profession, one must clear a certification course in hotel/ restaurant management. The candidate should also have good communication skills as he/she is required to deal with […]