Category: HR Job Responsibilities

Senior HR Executive Job Responsibilities

A senior HR executive or senior Human Resources executive is an employee of a company who is employed in the HR department and holds one of the senior job positions. The main job of a person working at this position is to make strategies and make sure that those strategies are being followed properly. He/she […]

Human Resources Officer Job Responsibilities

A human resources officer, commonly known as a HR manager, looks into a number of human resource management functions in an organization. In some organizations, a human resources manager may be responsible for all the human resource functions pertaining to a single business unit. Elsewhere, a human resources manager may be only responsible for the […]

HR Job Responsibilities

Human resource is key in any organization as it is responsible for attracting the right employees into the organization. HR job responsibilities involve attracting and retaining the most qualified employees that match the organization’s profile. This process entails developing job descriptions and job specifications depending on the human capital needs for the organization. The human resource […]

HR Generalist Job Responsibilities

HR Generalist Job Responsibilities include handling various human resource related tasks of the organization. HR Generalist works as a part of the human resource department and works under the guidance of the HR manager or HR head. It is essential to acquire a degree in business administration specializing in the field of human resource in […]

Assistant Personnel Officer Job Responsibilities

Assistant Personnel Officer Job Responsibilities include taking care of the employees’ needs and ensuring employee satisfaction which would further lead to better productivity and quality. It is essential to have good interpersonal and communication skills in order to handle this position efficiently. Most employers seek candidates having a relevant work experience. Assistant Personnel Officer Job […]

Benefits Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Benefits Coordinator Job Responsibilities include preparing and managing the benefit programs/ schemes. Benefit Coordinators help the employees in clarifying their doubts regarding benefit programs. It is essential to undergo a relevant course in order to get into this position. Most employers prefer candidates having a relevant work experience and knowledge about handling the employee benefit […]

Compensation Manager Job Responsibilities

Compensation Manager Job Responsibilities include designing compensation programs for the organization. It is his duty to attain a fair compensation for every employee working in his/ her organization. A compensation manager is required to conduct a good amount of market research before taking necessary decisions. It is essential to have a relevant work experience in […]

Job Placement Officer Responsibilities

Job Placement Officer Responsibilities include getting the university or college students placed in good companies. They are mostly employed by educational institutions, universities or colleges. It is the responsibility of the job placement officer to liaison with different companies to get his/her college or universities’ students placed there. One must possess good communication and inter-personal […]

Personnel Consultant Job Responsibilities

Personnel Consultant Job Responsibilities include getting the candidates placed in different positions depending upon their qualification and experience. It is essential to understand the candidate’s requirement, interest and ability before looking for a job for him/ her. A candidate aspiring to get into the position of a Personnel Consultant must possess good communication skills. Personnel […]

Employment Specialist Job Responsibilities

Employment Specialist Job Responsibilities include assisting the clients in seeking jobs related to their qualification and work experience. It is essential to possess good communication and analytical skills. Employment Specialist may be self employed or might work as a part of an organization. Most employers look for candidates having a relevant work experience. Employment Specialist […]