Category: Imaging Job Responsibilities

Imaging Job Responsibilities

Imaging is all about the visual representation of the outward form of an object. There are several types of imaging such as chemical, digital, document, medical, and personal imaging. Imaging job responsibilities involves measuring of pictures like in the case of chemical imaging, creating digital images by scanning them through digital photography, replicating documents used […]

Imaging Specialist Job Responsibilities

Imaging Specialist Responsibilities Imaging specialist plays an important role in several phases of commercial photography that includes advisory and supervisory responsibilities. An imaging specialist is generally responsible for inspecting the positions related to technical support, performing photographic assignments and consulting services for customers. The image specialists should co-ordinate by using different motion and still photograph […]

Photographic Technician Job Responsibilities

Photographic Technician Responsibilities Photographic technicians work extensively in a photography lab or dark room. These technicians work with variety of photographic equipments that help in processing different type of photos within specified time limit. The primary duty of a photographic technician deals with printing, sliding and obtaining transparencies from a negative. These photographic technicians maintain […]

Assistant Photographer Job Responsibilities

Assistant Photographer Responsibilities The main duty of an assistant photographer varies considerably and mainly depends upon a photographer. Assistant photographer would be responsible for maintenance and cleaning of photographic equipments, testing lights and setting them up for photo shoots, co-ordination with involved professionals and model for a commercial photo shoot, loading the film cameras, shooting […]

Photographer Job Responsibilities

Photographer Responsibilities The main aim of a photographer is to capture infinite spectrum of people and places or to explore familiar objects from unfamiliar angles. The main job of a photographer deals with maintenance of camera gear, placement and preparation of model or product, maintain ongoing projects under budget, updating the camera gear technology, selection […]