Category: IT Job Responsibilities

IT Project Lead Job Responsibilities

IT Project Lead is a designation which needs a vision and capability to lead from the front. These professionals must not only be well versed with the technical knowledge but must also have the ability to motivate and manage a team. They have to handle a number of tasks. IT Project Lead Job Responsibilities are […]

IT Technical Lead Job Responsibilities

IT Technical Lead is designated to maintain the technical integrity of project deliverables and functionality of all the assigned technical projects. He is required to devise, conceptualize and evaluate the entire technical process on day to day basis in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization. IT Technical Lead Job Responsibilities are mentioned […]

IT Technical Assistant Job Responsibilities

IT Technical Assistant is basically assigned the task of assisting the System Lead in designing and conceptualizing the process of smooth functioning of all the computer systems. He is also required to help in keeping the computer peripherals intact and is involved in optimizing the use of various IT resources. IT Technical Assistant Job Responsibilities […]

Java Developer Job Responsibilities

A Java Developer is a programming professional who is involved in creating user information solutions with the help of Java based components as well as interfaces. He/She is involved in all the aspects related to the development, implementation and maintenance of these solutions. Below given is a list of the major Java Developer job responsibilities. […]

ETL Developer Job Responsibilities

An ETL developer needs to design, build, test and maintain databases. In fact the word ETL itself means to extract, transfer and load. An ETL developer is an important part of the development team who tests, designs and debugs the entire database system before it is implemented. ETL Developer job responsibilities are discussed below in […]

IT Help Desk Job Responsibilities

An IT help desk executive is an individual who is hired by an IT company to provide IT help desk services to an office. Every IT company needs individuals who can provide customer support services and handle all the client calls and for this purpose, IT help desk executives are hired. They are trained to […]

IT Project Coordinator Job Responsibilities

An IT project coordinator is an important member of an IT project team who is responsible for coordinating the various activities of a project. He/she makes sure that all the activities, task and duties of the team are being carried out properly and in accordance with the regulations of the organisation or IT Company. An […]

Java Architect Job Responsibilities

Java architect job responsibilities begin with integration and comprehension of the java application in an IT company. The candidate is required to possess good software and programming skills especially in the java platform. The java architect helps to run websites which are java based and also ensure that the website is easy for the visitors […]

Software Development Manager Job Responsibilities

A software development manager is an individual who is responsible for managing processes in order to deliver software releases and also coordinating resources to meet technological needs. They also have to develop and define strategies for the team involved in product development. A software development manager also has to drive initiatives that will help to […]

Support Engineer Job Responsibilities

A support engineer is an individual who is responsible for providing technical support for the software used in running the company operations or to the staff of the organization. They may also have to work on programming projects and do documentation works as per requirement. Sometimes a support engineer also provides technical support to the […]