Category: Legal Job Responsibilities

Chartered Legal Executive Job Responsibilities

A chartered legal executive is a qualified lawyer who specialises in a particular area of law. Some of the areas of specialization are family law, public law, corporate law, and civil and criminal litigation. They have at least five years of work experience working under the direction of a solicitor. Their work experience can either […]

Legal Intern Job Responsibilities

Legal internship is a part of the law courses offered at bachelors’ or master’s level. It helps the law students understand various practical aspects of the legal position. Legal Intern job duties include preparing legal documents under the guidance of his mentor, going through legal cases, understanding the case details, attending court hearings, jotting down […]

Legal Editor Job Responsibilities

Legal Editor is usually employed with a law firm and is required to report to the managing legal editor. Legal Editor job duties include analyzing the existing legislative text and obtaining complex information from the same, read and edit the existing legal text, work upon editing the new legal text before it gets filed or […]

Law Enforcement Job Responsibilities

Law Enforcement job responsibilities include ensuring the safety and security of the people and upholding the law within the area assigned to them. There are several small and big tasks that law enforcement personnel are required to handle during the course of ensuring this safety and security; these are mentioned in detail in this article. […]

Criminal Lawyer Job Responsibilities

Criminal Lawyer is required to have complete knowledge about the criminal laws and handling the criminal proceedings. Criminal lawyer job responsibilities include dealing with the clients involved in criminal cases, studying their case, interrogating the witnesses, representing their client in the court and handling a number of other related tasks. It is essential to have […]

District Attorney Job Responsibilities

District Attorney job responsibilities include representing a state or city in criminal matters, analyzing the cases by studying various aspects, fighting the cases in the court, controlling the criminal proceedings and handling a number of other tasks. IT is essential to have a degree in law in order to become a district attorney. One should […]

Tax Attorney Job Responsibilities

Tax Attorney job responsibilities include studying and understanding the tax related issues of the clients, working upon finding a solution for these issues, keeping the clients records confidential, staying updated with the latest tax rules and working accordingly and handling a number of related tasks. It is recommended to undergo a degree in accountancy or […]

Defense Attorney Job Responsibilities

Defense Attorney job responsibilities include presenting arguments in court, preparing legal documents, analyzing the existing legal documents, dealing with the client, understanding his case, etc. One is required to acquire a degree in law in order to become a defense attorney. Defense attorney is expected to have excellent communication skills, the ability to aptly analyze […]

Attorney General Job Responsibilities

Attorney General is selected through elections every four years. One needs to have a degree in law and should also have good knowledge about the legal terminology. Attorney General job responsibilities include supervising the state’s legal matters and ensuring that the individuals follow the law practices. There are a number of other responsibilities assigned to […]

Bankruptcy Attorney Job Responsibilities

Bankruptcy Attorney job responsibilities include assisting their clients in navigating through consumer bankruptcy courts, studying the client’s cases, preparing legal documents and handling a number of other related tasks. In order to get into the position of a bankruptcy attorney one is required to have a degree in law. Bankruptcy attorney is required to have […]