Category: Management Job Responsibilities

Import Export Manager Job Responsibilities

Import export managers are responsible for overseeing the movement of goods between one country and another. The company that exports and imports the goods hires such professionals so that there are no problems in the entire goods and money transaction process. The people working at this post need to be fully aware of the process […]

Fitness Manager Job Responsibilities

A fitness manager is responsible for maintaining the decorum in a fitness or health center. To carry out this supervisory role in the appropriate way; the manager needs to have education about the fitness industry and etiquettes. It is necessary that the fitness manager has a degree in physical education, and also essentially management. Fitness […]

Guest Relations Manager Job Responsibilities

A guest relations manager is responsible for maintaining a cordial relationship with the guests of a hotel, restaurant, cruise ships and even retail chains. These professionals need to make sure that the guests coming to these businesses are satisfied with the services provided and they must address any issue that the guests may have. The […]

Vendor Manager Job Responsibilities

A vendor manager works as the “middleman” between a company and its potential suppliers. He/she usually is designated as a contractor who facilitates dealings between his employer and the suppliers with whom the company wants to work. The vendor manager directly communicates with his company’s managers and understands the requirements of the production and provides […]

Restaurant Manager Job Responsibilities

A restaurant manager is one who is responsible of monitoring the day to day activities of a restaurant. He/she is not necessarily the owner of the restaurant but reports to the proprietor.  A restaurant manager is also referred to as the Restaurant operations manager. There are several associate, bachelors and degree programs offered at the […]

Commercial Manager Job Responsibilities

The role of the Commercial Manager varies according to the industry in which they are serving. They may or may not have technical expertise, but must have sound and recent knowledge in commercial and financial matters. In most organization they are people with working experience, have strong liaisons with clients and have team leadership qualities. […]

Dental Office Manager Job Responsibilities

The task of a dentist is tedious especially because a poor dental job will cost him a recurrent customer. Between fitting braces, flossing and cleaning cavities, a dentist has little time to schedule and manage official responsibilities. That is where a Dental Office Manager steps in. Though there are no specific qualifications required for this […]

Hotel Front Office Manager

In the service industry it is very important to form a lasting impression on your customers, so that return to and recommend your services. Though in this age technology has advanced greatly, and often all reservations and proceedings are done electronically, the role of the Hotel Front Office Manager is still a crucial one. Ideally, […]

Maintenance Manager Job Responsibilities

In any organization, there are profiles which are perhaps not key deliverables of the organizations, but their roles are so important, that organizations take especial note while recruiting for these role. The role of the Maintenance Manager is one such role. So if the organization has to manage its upkeep and maintenance, be it for […]

Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities

A Kitchen Manager is one who is directly responsible for the management of the kitchen. This does not only mean looking with timely delivery of orders and maintaining inventories. It goes beyond that, as the Kitchen manager in his scope build the reputation of the restaurant. No customer would prefer to visit a restaurant unpopular […]