Category: Non-profit organization Job Responsibilities

Non-profit Organization Job Responsibilities

The NGO is an acronym that stands for non governmental organization. NGO’s are organizations that are privately owned and are not influenced by the government. However, NGO job responsibilities include soliciting funds from the government and other donor organizations that are influential in order to effectively run their activities. This task is ultimately done by […]

NGO Accountant Job Responsibilities

NGO Accountant Responsibilities The major role of a NGO accountant involves preparing bills for donor organizations in compliance with donor agreement. They should also maintain good relationship with donors, preparing and analyzing project reports as per the budget, competence in handling the finalization of accounts for their clients, preparing an effective accounting system to deal […]

NGO Coordinator Job Responsibilities

NGO Coordinator Responsibilities –          The main job of a NGO Coordinator is to support the development of strategies and programmes regarding the upliftment of the civil society, ensuring good relations with government bodies and other policy influencing organizations. –          They should be able to conduct workshops and create awareness among the communities for sustainable use […]

NGO Manager Job Responsibilities

NGO Manager Responsibilities The main purpose of appointing a NGO Manager is to interact with the officials of the Government and other policy influencing bodies. They will be responsible for attaining funds from the corporate (Large and small business houses), recruiting volunteers according to the requirement and vacancies, forming a partnership and devising polices with […]