Category: Nursing Job Responsibilities

Telemetry Nurse Job Responsibilities

Telemetry nurses are responsible for monitoring devices, like those that measure heart rates, breathing rates, blood pressure, and oxygen levels in critically ill patients. These devices are placed beside the patients’ beds and the nurses take readings from the devices and ensure that they are working smoothly. Sometimes the telemetry devices are placed in the […]

Home Care Nurse Job Responsibilities

A home care nurse provides medical and personal care to those who are ill and cannot leave home and need supervision of someone who is medically trained. These people are usually the senior citizens who have contracted some disease that renders them terminally ill. There may be other cases as well when young people also […]

Cardiac Nurse Specialist Job Responsibilities

Cardiac nurse specialists are those nurses who take care of people with heart problems. They work long hours to put cardiac patients at ease. They need to understand the workings of the heart in a proper way and must be capable enough to administer drugs that are prescribed by the doctors in a proper manner. […]

Surgical Nurse Practitioner Job Responsibilities

A surgical nurse practitioner deals with health problems of people and creates nursing plans that need to be implemented to improve the health of the patients. The patients that these nurses deal with are ill, injured, disabled and need constant medical care. They also form care routines that will help the patients to recover from […]

Neonatal Nurse Job Responsibilities

Many babies are born sick and suffer from problems like prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgery. Neonatal nursing is a specialty of nursing where the nurses are trained to care for such babies. Though most of the neonatal care ends in the first few months of a baby’s life, some kids need to […]

Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Responsibilities

Clinical nurse specialist is the term that is used for those medical professionals who are advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). These professionals have a unique role wherein they integrate the three different domains of medical practice i.e. patients, nurse and the system. They provide optimal care to patients, work with the nurses to help them […]

Clinical Nurse Leader Job Responsibilities

A clinical nurse leader is a registered nurse who also has a Master’s Degree in the field of Science of Nursing and these nurses are highly skilled and are focused on improving the quality of the services offered to the patients. The candidates working at this post completes coursework in advance nursing and other fields […]

Registered Nursing Job Responsibilities

Registered Nurse job responsibilities include taking care of the patients, meeting their relatives and sharing information related to the patient’s medical progress and medication, prescribing medicines to the doctors, assisting the doctors in carrying out different treatments and handling a number of other tasks. In order to get into this position one is required to […]

Nurse Recruiter Job Responsibilities

Nurse Recruiter job responsibilities include posting about nursing related vacancies, screening the resumes of the candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews, short listing candidates, deciding the packages for nursing staff, negotiating packages with them and handling a number of other related tasks. Nurse recruiter is mostly employed at nursing homes, clinics, hospital or may even work […]

Nurse Technician Job Responsibilities

Nurse Technician job responsibilities include assisting the registered nurses in providing nursing care, preparing nursing care plans and implementing them. There are a number of other responsibilities assigned to a nurse technician these are mentioned in detail in this article. It is recommended to go for an AND program if you are aiming to become […]