Category: Oil/Energy Job Responsibilities

Oil/Energy Job Responsibilities

The oil and energy industries offer a large number of career opportunities. Energy managers carry out an analysis of the energy’s current usage and create new plans that they can use to have a more environmental friendly as well as a cost effective energy sources and process of energy expenditure. Oil/energy job responsibilities also involve […]

Oil Reservoir Engineer Job Responsibilities

Oil Reservoir Engineer Responsibilities Oil reservoir engineer is responsible for finding the process by which the natural oil can be derived out from ground. Oil reservoir engineer is responsible to manage natural gas and oil and then transfer it from ground to gas storage or reservoir. Oil Reservoir Engineer Job Responsibilities Oil reservoir engineer is […]

Oil Refinery Supervisor Job Responsibilities

Oil Refinery Supervisor Responsibilities Especially oil refinery supervisor is responsible for managing all the activities and working operations of oil refinery. He is responsible to manage the date of project completion. Oil refinery manager is responsible for keeping updates of work. By this report he can analyze the project submission date. He is responsible to […]

Oil Refinery Manager Job Responsibilities

Oil Refinery Manager Responsibilities An oil refinery manager is responsible for analyzing, managing and coordinating all creativity and activities at site of oil refinery. He is responsible for providing several necessary instructions and guidelines for initiation of project. He is responsible for analyzing each step of project execution. He is responsible to manage the problems […]

Oil Refinery Foreman Responsibilities

Oil Refinery Foreman Responsibilities The responsibilities of oil refinery foreman start with the leading engineers, team members, supervisors and journeyman during project processing. An oil refinery foreman is responsible for making a good schedule for projects so that projects can run smoothly. He is also responsible for arranging meetings for the project so that necessary […]

Petroleum Engineer Job Responsibilities

Petroleum Engineer Responsibilities This article enumerates the various responsibilities and roles undertaken by the petroleum engineer of an organization. The main responsibility of a Petroleum Engineer is to offer sound technical advice to the crew and the Oil Rig Manager on the various activities of the rig. It is the petroleum engineer’s responsibility to oversee […]

Oil Rig Manager Job Responsibilities

Oil Rig Manager Responsibilities The following article discusses the role of an Oil Rig Manager and the importance in an organisation. An Oil Rig Manager is the supervising officer in an oil rig, who in charge of the crew that has undertaken the responsibility of drilling of a particular region. The primary purpose of an […]

Palaeontologist Job Responsibilities

Palaeontologist Responsibilities This article focuses on the functions of a Palaeontologist. A palaeontologist is a biologist with the skills of an archaeologist. A palaeontologist conducts detailed studies on rock samples or other physical features with fossilized animal and plant remains, thus enabling them to speculate on the various phases of evolution. The primary objective of […]

Petroleum Geologist Job Responsibilities

Petroleum Geologist Responsibilities This article shares the various responsibilities of a Petroleum Geologist in an oil corporation. A petroleum geologist is responsible for the exploration of vast expanses of land and conduct detailed studies on the strata and sub-strata enabling him to project the presence of petroleum. A Petroleum Geologist studies a particular region and […]

Energy Manager Job Responsibilities

Energy Manager Responsibilities The following article enumerates the various responsibilities of an Energy Manager in an organisation. The primary objective of an Energy Manager is to analyze current usage and then generate a detailed plan for cost effective as well as environment friendly methods of power consumption. The main objective of the Energy manager is […]