Category: Pharmaceutical Job Responsibilities

Pharmaceutical Job Responsibilities

A pharmacist is a service provider who makes drugs and medication available to the general public. He acts as a middle man between drug manufacturers and consumers. Pharmacists are also responsible for offering advice and insight on the different drugs that consumer use. Pharmaceutical job responsibilities are many and vary depending on the position that […]

Forensic Anthropologist Job Responsibilities

Forensic anthropologist is a trained personnel holding a license as an expert in the analysis of bones.   They deal with the study of human remains and apply their expertise to bring about unknown facts about the deceased to the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies with whom they are working. It is required to have […]

Pharmaceutical Researcher Job Responsibility

Pharmaceutical researchers perform the job of development of new medicines and treatment programs to provide a better diagnosis to the patients. The researchers use their extensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and human anatomy to discover and invent new medicines and products and procedures for treating various diseases. They are indulging in continuous research and […]

Hospital Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

A hospital pharmacist is a job position in the hospital’s pharmacy. Pharmacist are people with expertise knowledge in the field of medicines and are responsible for many important works like purchasing, manufacturing and checking the quality of the medicines used in the hospital. Pharmacist works very close to the medical and nursing staff to make […]

Pharmaceutical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Pharmaceutical engineers are appointed in the pharmaceutical companies for designing, constructing, maintaining and operating the methods and technology used for doing research and manufacturing pharmaceutical medications. It is the responsibility of the engineer to ensure the safety of both the customers and consumers who use the medicines and for the safety of the working staff […]

Analytical Chemist Job Responsibilities

Analytical chemists are generally appointed by environmental and pharmaceutical companies to examine and study samples and their composition using a wide range of latest and new analytical methodology. Their work is of great value to the pharmaceutical sector which requires the creation of new medicines from time to time to expand their operations. Their services […]

Pharmacy Manager Job Responsibilities

The pharmacy manager job position deals with a professional and administrative work concerning the matters regarding the manufacture, compounding and handling out of the medicines in a pharmacy. They are appointed to regulate the overall work environment in the pharmacy and maintain a proper code of conduct and discipline. Pharmacy manager job description The main […]

Pharmacy Assistant Job Responsibilities

A pharmacy assistant is a person that assists the head pharmacist in a pharmacy. They act as per the order of the pharmacist or are directed by the prescription and do not hold any diagnoses authority by themselves. The assistant pharmacist helps in organizing the pharmacy affairs in a better and easy to handle manner. […]

Pharmacy Intern Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy interns are pre-graduate who are pursuing the job as a trainee to earn experience working as a college regime under the supervision of the pharmacist. The job of the intern is regarded as the lowest position in the chain of authority. He is responsible for doing all the jobs the pharmacist would do in […]

Pharmacy Clerk Job Responsibilities

Pharmacy clerk is a working position which belongs to a person who works in conjunction with the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  The pharmacy clerk position does not require any special knowledge. Their main working area deals with answering phone calls, maintain stock register, stocking shelves and all the other routine activities. This job generally requires […]