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Microbiologist Job Responsibilities

As the word microbiologist suggests, it deals with the study and analysis of micro-organisms like algae, viruses, yeast, bacteria and fungi. The work of microbiologist is mainly laboratory based where they use advanced equipments like electron microscopes to study these organisms. Sophisticated softwares are used to analyse the results of their experiment. Essentially, microbiologist job […]

Science and Fiction Job Responsibilities

Scientists are the people in society that are responsible for carrying out different kinds of scientific research. Their target is to change the quality of life for the better using their developments and creations. The fields of science fiction are very diverse and cannot be fully exhausted. In all these different fields there are different […]

Physical Scientist Job Responsibilities

Physical scientist is a scientist or an individual who has gained majors in physical sciences and is appointed by a company or organisation to work on fields such as geology, meteorology, material science etc. These individuals must have atleast a bachelor’s degree in science to begin their journey towards becoming a physical scientist. This job […]

Chemical Scientist Job Responsibilities

A chemical scientist is an individual or a qualified chemistry expert or major who is appointed by a company or organisation to do research work on various chemicals, materials, objects etc. Any chemical scientist may be appointed to develop and discover new products, synthetic materials etc and improve the existing materials or products. There are […]

Research Scientist Job Responsibilities

A research scientist is an individual whose domain of work lies in making new discoveries, conducting research on new evidence, developing new products and finding solutions to a variety of problems. A research scientist is a qualified individual who must choose a field of specialisation or research and depending upon this particular field, he/she may […]

Food Scientist Job Responsibilities

A food scientist is required to work in the food industry so as to improve food and the food processes which are delivered to the public. There may be different areas of specialisation in the field of food science such as quality assurance, researching, processing, developing etc. A food scientist may have different set of […]

Botanist Job Responsibilities

Botany is a broad field which may have many subcategories such as plants, marine life etc. A botanist is a skilled individual who has done a major in the subject botany and studies about plant life. Different botanists specialise in the study of different groups of plants or trees. Based on their area of specialisation, […]

Biophysicist Job Responsibilities

A biophysicist is a trained and qualified scientist employed by a field of research work whose work mainly revolves around research work and studying of the physical principles of the various living organisms or cells. They are required to observe and make reports about the electrical and mechanical energy and related occurrences of the cells […]

Biological Scientist Job Responsibilities

Biological scientists are those individuals who are skilled, trained and educated to carry on research work about how living organisms are related to the environment. A biological scientist can have a major in any category such as plants, animals or environmental studies depending upon their interest. A biological scientist may find a job in a […]

Bioinformatics Scientist Job Responsibilities

A bioinformatics scientist is a trained and skilled individual who is required to conduct scientific research work using the knowledge of bioinformatics theory and methods. Any individual who is a bioinformatics scientist works in areas such as pharmaceuticals, computational biology, computer informatics sciences, biology, medical sciences etc. Any bioinformatics scientist may also have to perform […]