Category: Skilled People Job Responsibilities

Translator Job Responsibilities

The career of translation is popular and in demand in almost every professional field, like healthcare, scientific and technical services and particularly social services where a translator is often needed to assist delegates from foreign amnesty organization when they visit other country’s backward areas. Translators are also needed to assist bureaucrats in inter-country seminars or […]

Skilled Job Responsibilities

Skilled workers bring in a degree of expertise to the performance of the given job. For example a factory worker whose job description is to inspect new computers can fulfill his or her job with little knowledge of the in-depth operations of computers. However, skilled job responsibility entails making and repairing the computers thus, such […]

Wedding Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities Getting married is already enough to give you jitters and stress, as you will never know what’s in store after the wedding. And to worry about all the details from the biggest to the tiniest will be too much for the couple to handle. This is why there is a need for […]

Veterinarian Job Responsibilities

Veterinarian Responsibilities Are you an animal lover? How do you take care of your pet? Do you take your pet for a regular check up? The veterinarian like medical doctors may work in private practice or in public veterinary institutions. Veterinarians help promote the lives of animals which are often regarded by some to be […]

Stock Holder Job Responsibilities

Stock Holder Responsibilities A stock holder also called shareholder by other people was someone who owns or shares some parts the equal parts of the ownership of a company. This ownership is divided among the shareholders according to the specifications of the contract agreed upon by all parties involved. If we have really thought deeply […]

Sewer Job Responsibilities

Sewer Responsibilities Do you always buy RTW’s or do you have anyone who makes your clothes for you? If so, then you must know that these people’s work as sewers. A sewer is someone whose job is to design, make, piece together or adjust and repair clothes for customers. They may work as a freelance […]

Priest Job Responsibilities

Priest Responsibilities A priest is defined by the dictionary as a person, usually a man, who has been trained to perform religious duties in the Christian Church, especially the Roman Catholic Church; or a person with particular duties and responsibilities in some other religions. A priest may be called by another name in some other […]

Nun Job Responsibilities

Nun Responsibilities Nuns are the person that devoted themselves to serve God and the people around her.  They are the ones that are happy in their chosen profession that only wanted to help and give support to the needs of the many.  Through the church as their home, they serve people and God with all […]

Singer Job Responsibilities

Singer Responsibilities A Singer is responsible for singing the lines of the music, which is purely based on one’s education in music or one’s pure natural talent. So, singers are also categorized based on their style of music they sing, for example: pop, jazz, rhythm, blues, or by their vocal range. They perform live in […]

Dancer Job Responsibilities

Dancer Responsibilities A dancer use their movement and their body language in order to portray the several characters, situation or an abstract concept in front of the audience and performs the various forms of classical, modern, or acrobatic dances, accompanied by the musical instruments. A dancer’s role involves in providing education or therapy to the […]