Category: Telecom Job Responsibilities

Telecom Job Responsibilities

With the rapid shift from old to new forms of technology, telecom job responsibilities have been on the increase. Most companies are now installing new technology to conform to the current business environment. Every company nowadays needs internet for one thing or the other to market and sell their products or to be able to […]

Telephone Directory Delivery Job Responsibilities

A telephone directory is a book/ document compilation which contains the names, address and contact details of all the individuals. The employee or individual who is employed/ hired for the task of telephone directory delivery so as to ensure that all the directories are delivered to the respective addresses is known as telephone directory deliver […]

Television Director Job Responsibilities

A television director’s job position is one of the most important job designations in the television industry. A Television director’s job is that which involves both technical and creative aspects. This job position is important because it is the television director who leads a team of individuals towards a goal of a successful television show […]

Radio Transmission Technician Job Responsibilities

A radio transmission technician is a person or a skilled expert who is appointed to take care of the electronic equipment assembly and the maintenance of the same. For this job designation, there are no formal educational requirements needed, but one must have the required skills and knowledge of the radio technology. There are many […]

Chief Video Engineer Job Responsibilities

A chief video engineer or a video technician is an employee of a TV company or a satellite programming company who reports to the operations manager and is responsible for the reception and distribution of off air and satellite programming to distribution units and member companies. This job requires the candidate to have the necessary […]

Wireless Installer Job Responsibilities

A person who is appointed by an installation company for the work of wireless installations is known as a wireless installer. A person who wishes to become a wireless installer does not require any formal academic qualifications or educational but must be a skilled worker and must have the knowledge of the different types of […]

Cable TV Installer Job Responsibilities

A cable TV installer is a person or an expert who is hired by a telecommunications company or a local cable TV installation companies for the work of installing cable TV connections in the residential complexes or offices of customers or clients. A cable TV installer must not have any specific educational requirements but must […]

RF Engineer Job Responsibilities

An RF engineer or a radio frequency engineer is a person who is a professional expert who is hired for designing radio frequency components. These engineers have an expertise in designing circuits and components which are used in the field of radio frequency. Any RF engineer has many more such job responsibilities in the profile […]

Radio Operator Job Responsibilities

A radio operator is a person who is hired by a radio station, either private or government owned to receive and transmit radio information or communications using the radiotelegraph technology or equipment as per the set governmental standards. This job position can only be acquired by a professional who has experience as well as knowledge […]

Telecommunications Supervisor Job Responsibilities

A telecommunications supervisor is an individual who is appointed by a telecommunications company or organisation of the telecom sector to perform the work of supervision of the field telecom technicians and coordinators. Any person appointed at this job position has to be responsible for many varied job responsibilities. A few of the telecommunications supervisor job […]