Category: Trainee Job Responsibilities

Driving Jnstructor Job Responsibilities

A driving instructor is a person whose job is to give driving lessons to learners.  Any person working as a driving instructor can either be hired by a driving school or may work on an independent basis. A driving instructor needs no compulsory education requirements but should be an excellent and safe driver, should know […]

Gym Instructor Job Responsibilities

A gym instructor is person who works in a gym and is responsible for training and instructing clients and customers. Any person who is working at the position of a gym instructor must have exceptional knowledge of gym equipments, fitness, exercises, diet plans and weight loss methods. He/she is not required to have any specific […]

College Instructor Job Responsibilities

A college instructor is a teacher who imparts education to college students and is employed in a college to teach one or more course or subject. Any person who is employed as a college instructor must have pursued atleast a bachelor’s degree and should also possess a teaching diploma or degree. There are many tasks […]

ESL Instructor Job Responsibilities

ESL stands for English as a second language and an esl instructor is thus a teacher who teaches English language to all those students who have opted to study English as their second language subject at school or at any other educational institution. An ESL instructor not only teaches reading, writing and speaking English but […]

Events Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

Events marketing trainee is the professional who looks after the marketing of the activities of the event managing company under the guidance of his mentor or senior marketing executive. The event marketing trainee is trained to publicise and promote the functions and curriculums that are done by the company, thereby enhancing the overall promotion of […]

Online Affiliate Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

Affiliate marketing is marketing based on a partnership between a business organization or website publisher and an advertiser or vendor. The online affiliate marketing trainee is the professional who has just began the journey with the basic knowledge of affiliate and internet marketing and desires to develop the skills with the help of the organisation’s […]

Trainee Online Marketing Job Responsibilities

A trainee online marketing is responsible for assisting the senior members who look after all the marketing ventures done online for the respective company or organization. The individuals who have just passed with a computer application or online training degrees get the job of trainee online marketing so that they can get the practical experience […]

Internet Marketing Trainee Job Responsibilities

If you have just completed graduation and have interest in internet then you are the perfect candidate for the job of internet marketing trainee. Internet Marketing Trainees must have huge zeal in browsing and surfing the various Internet sites and be involved in online research. They will also require having excellent oral and written communication […]

Job Responsibilities Graduate Engineer Trainee

Graduate Engineer Trainee is a person who has recently received the graduate engineering degree from any college or university and is working as a trainee. This bachelor’s degree in engineering stream given to the individual leads him to the first job of a graduate engineer trainee, who usually joins a company to earn experience as […]

Trainee Job Responsibilities

A trainee is a person who works under an expert or professional as an intern or an apprentice. A trainee’s duties vary with the career or position one is training for. The trainee works under the supervision of the person who is assigned to work with. Her performance is monitored and supervised by a supervisor […]