Category: Transportation Job Responsibilities

Ramp Agent Job Responsibilities

Ramp Agents are agents who work on the ground and tarmacs of airports. These ramp agents are often appointed by the airlines. They interact with the passengers and assist them in many ways. They help in loading and unloading of the luggage and cargo. They have to perform numerous other tasks in addition to the […]

Tax Intern Job Responsibilities

A tax intern is an individual who works under a senior professional to compile tax related reports. The tax intern could also be under the supervision of auditors who perform internal or external audits. The intern could work in guidance or just support the senior professionals. The intern oversees the tax filing reports to ensure […]

Travel Executive Job Responsibilities

A travel executive is a person who assists the customers with a variety of travel requirements. The travel executives take care of accommodation, transportation and food as per the choice of the customers. The travel executives need to possess excellent interpersonal skills along with good communication skills. The knowledge about the visiting places is also […]

Warehouse Executive Job Responsibilities

A warehouse executive is a person who supervises the safe receipt and storage of merchandise in the warehouse. The warehouse executives are involved in the planning and executing of all the activities in the warehouse. The warehouse executives also need to ensure that the work is delegated to their subordinates and carried out professionally. The […]

Warehouse Clerk Job Responsibilities

A warehouse clerk is a person who is needed to take care of a variety of activities in the assigned warehouse. The warehouse clerk is deployed in a warehouse and is responsible for storage, maintenance and taking a count of all the goods that may be available in the warehouse. The warehouse clerk is also […]

Tow Truck Driver Job Responsibilities

A tow truck driver is a person who operates a tow truck in order to remove vehicles that have been abandoned on the road or broke down due to a technical snag. The tow truck drivers may need to handle a variety of trucks based on the requirement. The drivers may also be called in […]

Limo Driver Job Responsibilities

A limousine driver is a person who picks up clients from a requested place to the destination mentioned. The limousine driver also needs to possess good interpersonal skills apart from the driving skills. The limousine drivers might have clients on a contract basis or they may also drive for single trips. A commercial driver’s license […]

Travel Desk Job Responsibilities

A travel desk is a special department at companies, firms, and agencies dealing with tours and travel facilities, which provides extensive information regarding various aspects of traveling. The desk comprises of one or more (not many) official(s) who interact with clients, either over phone, through mail, or speak face-to-face, regarding various travel-related issues and enquiries. […]

Travel Agency Job Responsibilities

A travel agency operates for the basic purpose of assisting common people [clients] with the best traveling suggestions. The agency is a profit-making organization and hence would work for gains, but at the same time its task is to help people in making right choices and this work ethics needs to be followed for effective […]

Travel Agent Job Responsibilities

A travel agent, undoubtedly, has one of the most exciting jobs as he/she gets to assist customers in making their decisions regarding traveling anywhere across the globe. Although the basic job seems to be fun, yet it has a lot of complications primarily because it involves convincing clients and getting across oneself to them, which […]