Catering Assistant Job Responsibilities

All those who wish to build a career as a caterer must first go through the experience as a catering assistant. These individuals work in industries varying from hospitality to event management/ planning. They usually perform supporting tasks to the chefs, the administrative staff, and the senior caterers. A few of catering assistant job responsibilities are listed below.

Catering Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • It is the responsibility of the catering assistant to ensure that the whole kitchen i.e. the kitchen appliances, the kitchen work surfaces and the other equipments are clean.
  • The catering assistant is also responsible for ensuring that the chefs have all the equipment, the tools and the ingredients that they need for the preparation of all the food in a timely fashion.
  • Catering assistant is the individual who is required to carry out tasks like loading or unloading the dishwasher and also managing the dishware.
  • One of the responsibilities to be fulfilled by the catering assistant is to help the staff or the team in serving the meals to the customers. He/ she may at times be required to oversee the staff serving the meals.
  • Some caterers hire a catering assistant to mainly get some help in the food preparation. That is, the assistant may be required to carry on some basic prep tasks like peeling, washing and trimming the fruits and the vegetables.
  • A few of the caterers may also assign the assistants with the tasks of preparing and serving the side salads and basic desserts.
  • The caterers who have permanent kitchens require the catering assistants to prepare for inspections while ensuring that the kitchen is up to the health department standards.
  • The catering assistant is also responsible for inventory management i.e. he/ she have to keep track of furniture, tablecloths, other on-site items and also the food items etc.

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