Chemistry Professor Job Responsibilities

Chemistry professors educate the college students by conducting lectures on chemical compositions, processes and procedures. Chemistry Professors are also involved in providing practical lessons in laboratories. These professors are mostly employed by colleges on probation for the first few months and based on their performance they are given a permanent position in the college.

Chemistry Professor Job Responsibilities

  • Chemistry Professor’s main job responsibility is to conduct lectures on Chemistry.
  • Chemistry Professor may be involved in conducting research related to the chemistry compositions and processes.
  • Chemistry Professor draft chemistry examination papers and conduct examination.
  • Chemistry Professor offer theoretical lessons as well as conduct practical sessions in the laboratory.
  • Chemistry Professors prepare the students for examination. They also check the examination papers and grade the students.
  • Chemistry Professors prepare the performance reports of the students based on their response in the class and their examination results.
  • Chemistry Professor prepares gives assignments to the students which they are required to complete and submit. These assignments are then checked by these professors. The students are also rated based on their assignments.
  • Chemistry Professors make sure that the students adhere to the rules and regulations set by the college authorities.
  • Chemistry Professors conduct experiments in the laboratories and may come up with new theories.
  • Chemistry Professors involve the students in classroom discussions in order to make the session interesting for them.
  • Chemistry Professors advise the students on choosing the appropriate profession in the field of chemistry. They give career suggestions to the students based on the individual’s ability and interest.

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