Choreographer Job Responsibilities

Choreographers are required to prepare dancers for dance performances. They are required to teach them original dance steps, facial expressions matching the hands and feet movements. They work on traditional dance forms and evolve them to create new dance steps. Choreographers usually work on contract basis for different events; some of them may even be employed at certain dance companies.

Choreographer Job Responsibilities

  • Choreographer is required to teach dance steps to the dancers and performers and prepare them for performances.
  • Choreographer is required to create new dance steps by working on the traditional dance forms.
  • Choreographer is required to work on the artists’ face expressions. He/ She needs to ensure that the face expressions of the performers match their moves.
  • Choreographer may be employed at dance companies that provide performers for various events. He/ She is involved in giving dance lessons on a regular basis in such organizations.
  • Choreographer is also involved in conducting dance auditions and selecting good dancers.
  • Choreographer is not only involved in providing practical dance lessons but also conducting theoretical classes for the dance performers.
  • Choreographer may be required to work in coordination with the dance directors.
  • Choreographer is also involved in choosing the music on which the dance is to be performed. This is selected as per the mood of the event.


  • Choreographer may also provide his inputs while the costume designer prepares dresses for the dance performers.
  • Choreographer gives his/ her inputs in designing and decorating the background or the stage where the dance is to be performed.

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