Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Responsibilities

Clinical nurse specialist is the term that is used for those medical professionals who are advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). These professionals have a unique role wherein they integrate the three different domains of medical practice i.e. patients, nurse and the system. They provide optimal care to patients, work with the nurses to help them develop better nursing skills and provide clinical expertise on the systems. There are also varied types of nurse specialists as per the functions they perform or field specialised in. Below given is the list of the major Clinical nurse specialist job responsibilities.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Responsibilities

  • A clinical nurse specialist is responsible for observing the respective patient, assessing their situation and building a suitable treatment plan for them.
  • The clinical specialist nurse besides providing the patients with required medical treatment is also responsible for evaluating the treatment, ensuring whether it is a success or not, and making all the necessary changes.
  • A clinical nurse specialist may also be made a unit manager by the employing entity i.e. he/ she may be made responsible for managing a whole nursing unit. In this case the specialist is responsible for managing and overseeing the whole nursing staff.
  • A managing clinical nurse specialist has to ensure that all the nurses in the staff perform the assigned duties/ tasks effectively and in time.
  • The clinical specialist nurse may also take up the responsibility of teaching and training the incoming/ new nurses.
  • Besides teaching/ training the new nurses, the CSN may also be responsible for providing proper guidance to the already existing nurses from time to time.
  • Some clinical specialist nurses undertake research (thus clinical research nurse) and hence are responsible for providing timely assistance to the coordinator and the primary investigator.
  • It is also the responsibility of the clinical research nurse to keep up with all the emerging and current trends in the field of health care, so that the hospital or entity he/ she works for are not at a disadvantage.

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