Clinical Research Associate Responsibilities

Clinical Research Associate Responsibilities

The following article enumerates the various responsibilities of a Clinical Research Associate in the various testing processes in the field of pharmaceuticals. The responsibilities of a Clinical Research Associate spans over a vast range but the primary function is the ability to conduct tests and trials of products on various subjects.

The significant role of a clinical research associate lies in setting up and monitoring such trials.

Clinical Research Associate Job Responsibilities

  • Must develop and design suitable methodologies for the trials.
  • Should have good communication skills as a Clinical Research Associate is responsible for putting forward the methodologies to a committee.
  • Coordinating with doctors and medical professionals on the conducting of the trials.
  • Must make sure the trial center is monitored on a regular basis.
  • Must maintain a record of all data and records of the trial.
  • Must have a good knowledge of existing laws and legal protocols involved in the testing and production of any new drug.
  • Must be able to train staff.
  • They are the essential communication line between the investigator and sponsor.
  • Is liable for the proper conduct and safety throughout trial.
  • They need to verify that investigator follow approved protocol & all the GCP procedures.
  • Along with this, they must verify the documents or source data & other trial-records whether they are maintained well, complete and accurate.


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