Clinical Research Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Clinical research are the studies that are conducted to ensure the safety or/ and the effectiveness of the medical devices, treatments, medications etc. These studies/ researches/ trials are very extensive and have to be performed as per a set standard. A clinical research coordinator is the medical professional who conducts the clinical trials under the auspices of a principal investigator. The individual working at this post has to fulfil a huge number of responsibilities, all of which are very critical given the nature of the study and the list of the major clinical research coordinator job responsibilities is given below:

Clinical Research Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • If the research involves the study of human subjects then it is the coordinator who is responsible for ensuring that the study is approved as per the state authorised boards before its commencement.
  • The clinical research coordinator has to ensure that all the protocols which apply to the respective study- implemented by state authorities- are met and all the formalities are completed in time.
  • The research coordinator has to submit the copies of all the relevant documents to the study sponsors and keep them updated on the status of the regulatory requirements.
  • It is also the responsibility of the clinical research coordinator to develop a preliminary budget for the study and also verify all the costs that may be incurred in the process.
  • Another responsibility that is to be fulfilled by the research coordinator is to provide full assistance to the primary investigator in negotiating with the sponsors for approving the study budget, and covering all costs.
  • The clinical research coordinator has to carry on all the preparations for the initiation of the study and make sure all the arrangements are made in time.
  • The coordinator is also responsible for obtaining the signatures and the approval of the physicians.
  • All the subjects relating functions like recruiting subjects, screening them and obtaining their voluntary consent, is the responsibility of the research coordinator.

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