Commercial Artist Job Responsibilities

Commercial Artists are employed by commercial or promotion firms. They work on creating art designs for commercials and promotional products. A commercial artist is hired by a company in order to convey information regarding the company’s product to the people. Most employers prefer candidates who have undergone some training in this field.

Commercial Artist Job Responsibilities

  • Commercial Artist Job Responsibilities include working on ad campaigns.
  • Commercial Artists are required to meet the clients and understand their requirement. Once the requirement is understood they work towards preparing the ad campaigns accordingly.
  • Commercial Artists also need to keep the client’s budget in mind while working on the commercials.
  • Commercial Artists need to prepare artistic designs and layouts as per the requirement of the client and share the details with him/ her before finalising it. They may be required to give presentations to the client to put across the point more clearly.
  • Commercial Artists are associated with the project from beginning till the end and need to ensure that the products are marketed in the right manner.
  • Commercial Artists are required to assess the client’s proposal, clarify the points which he is doubtful about and share the details of the proposal with his senior officials before taking a decision on signing the contract.
  • Commercial Artists are required to constantly keep in touch with the clients even during the project and take their approval on various things.
  • Commercial Artists need to study the market trends and develop new strategies to market their product.
  • Commercial Artists need to work on different computer programs in order to design the commercials.

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