Commercial Loan Officer Job Responsibilities

Commercial Loan Officer Responsibilities

The responsibility of a Commercial Loan Officer is to agree or disagree with the non-real estate commercial loans that are generated by commercial banks. He also deals with the business loans which act as a great source of wealth for the bank. He must interact with the clients or customers in order to understand their requirements and needs.

Commercial Loan Officer Job Responsibilities

–          His responsibility is to go with the new business loans in order to achieve the goals of the bank.

–          He must guide and help to the borrower with all the concepts related to the loan plans and applications.

–          He is responsible for calculating the loan payment schedule.

–          He must check out the financial condition, current earning and family background of the borrower in order to lend the loan.

–          His responsibility is to deposit the plans to credit analysis for validation and counseling.

–          A Commercial Loan Officer must be skilled enough to deal with all the loan sanction related problems in a bank.

–          He must be responsible enough to take certain steps for the growth and development of the bank.

–          A Commercial Loan Officer must be responsible for broadcasting the information of the newer loan plans and applications.

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