Communication Coordinator Job Responsibilities

A communication coordinator is the marketing professional who is responsible for building a point of contact between the respective business and the media. He/ she perform a variety of tasks, but the main aim behind almost all of these is to improve the public image of the business. The image building is important to project a reputation and click with the general public as well as the employees. These professionals may either work for a PR agency or directly with an organisation. The list of the communication coordinator job responsibilities is given below:

Communication Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • The first and foremost task that is based as a responsibility on a communications coordinator is to build a list of media contacts covering varied mediums like newspapers, websites, radios etc. This is because good media contacts are the key to success for a communications coordinator.
  • The communications coordinator is also responsible for creating the appropriate press material which is to be distributed to the media. The material should be efficiently picked and formatted, before distribution.
  • It is the responsibility of the communications coordinator to select, format and even create appropriate photography for the print and electronic communications, as per the requirements of the business.
  • One another responsibility backed on the communications coordinator is event planning. The coordinator has to handle all the events that the organisation may want to organise and ensure that the arrangements are in keeping with the public image of the business.
  • The responsibilities of communication coordinator also include monitoring the events and conducting post analysis of whether the event was a success. This is done by monitoring the media responses to the event.
  • The organisations also rely upon their communications coordinators to build proper publicity channels, frame communication strategies and also update them as per the growing needs of the organisation/ the industry they are situated in.
  • Managing all the communication outlets of the business like the official website, bulletins, brochures, notices etc. is also the responsibility of the communications coordinator.

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